Thursday, December 25, 2008

Summer 08' Head Drawing!!

This is another one I really like, this one Is in Belgium as we speak! My cousins from Belgium came to the states and I felt like giving this to them as a gift. Well, I told them to choose a drawing and they chose this one.

I REALLY like this one. I think I got a real good likeness, I was also very comfortable with the charcoal at this point in the class.

Drawings from hereon are classwork, we first start with gestures then move on to just one pose all day. The main purpose is to really understand drawing construction and get a likeness of the model.

This is one of my favorite artists and portraits. This is a copy of Valentin Serov's piece of his professor, Pavel Tchistyakov.

Another Hollywood movie star. I don't remember her name. heh heh.

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